About No Texting & Driving

This mod is Base Game compatible and enhanced by Parenthood, but requires at least game version 1.90!

Let your Teens and Geeks still use their phone while walking but in a smarter way! No Texting & Driving will disable the new route event while your Sims are running/skating/using vehicles or other walkstyles that may not make sense to casually use your phone.

If you have Parenthood, any idle that uses a phone (from any pack) will be disabled while your Sims are grounded from the phone if they have medium to high Responsibility. However all phone idles will now cause your Sim to be autonomously scolded while ground if they have low Responsibility.

An EA bug has also been fixed to prevent your Sims from receiving the “breaking grounding” buff even when not using their phone. Related EA Answers HQ Issues:

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Smarter Phone Use

In addition to blocking phone idles during certain walkstyles, they have also been disabled for many other situations and specific Sims including:

  • While in Granite Falls, Selvadorada, Magic HQ, Batuu, Sixam, Sylvan Glade, Forgotten Grotto
  • Police Station Criminals, Jungle Adventure Skeletons, Bonehilda, Scarecrow, Flower Bunny, Night Stalker, Yamachan, Guidry the Ghost, Temperance, Father Winter,  Strangerville Hermit, Greg the Werewolf
  • Vampires in their Dark Form
  • Aliens not in their Disguise
  • Sims with the Technophobe Lifestyle
  • Werewolves in their Beast Form.
  • Sims grounded from the phone that have Medium to High responsibility.
  • Sims caught breaking their grounding

The game normally gives Teens twice the chance to use their phone while walking, this boost has also been given to the following Sims:

  • Sims with Techie Lifestyle
  • Sims with the Geek or Outgoing Traits
  • Sims with the Phone Fanatic Fame Quirk
Cross Mod Compatibility

If you have High School Years and are playing with ChippedSims’ School Tweaks mod, phone idles will be disabled if your phone has been confiscated by a teacher!


This mod will conflict with any other mod that overrides the EA routeEvent_usePhone tuning, including TwistedMexi’s No Texting & Walking mod.