Slower Stories lets you customize the pace of the new Story Progression system in The Sims 4.

By default EA Neighborhood Stories will process new story arcs like Moving In/Out, Career Changes, and Adoption, etc every morning at 3am. This can cause a lot of major changes in your world in just a week!

Slower Stories by default adds randomization and processes story arcs every 1 to 7 days.


Warning: Story Progression is an in-development feature at EA.  I recommend that you do not use this mod after a new patch is released until cleared by me! Watch @lot51cc on Twitter for updates.

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Base Game Compatible
Released Apr 23
Works with 1.87.40
(Apr 26 Patch)

Included with the mod is a json file that allows you to customize the offset applied to Story Progression updates:

The interval_days_lower value represents the minimum added to the interval. By default this is 0.

The interval_days_upper value represents the maximum added to the interval. By default this is 6.

Each time an update runs, a random number between the lower and upper bounds will be added to the default EA interval of 1 day for the next update.

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