Mini Weather Controller

EcoDisc 52X

About Mini Weather Controller

This mod requires Seasons.

Thanks to Dr. June and a breakthrough in climate control technology, EcoDisc introduces the 52X Mini Weather Controller for The Sims 4! Now any sim can control the weather in the palm of their hands (and I don’t mean a TV remote!).

Get Mini Weather Controller

Requires Seasons
Released Jul 22
Works with 1.87.40
(Apr 26 Patch)
How it works

Place the EcoDisc 52X on a wall, and you’ll unlock these air-bending skills in your home:

  • Change Seasons
  • Change Seasonal Forecast
  • Trigger a specific temperature wind to blow through
  • Change weather conditions and trigger weather events like Monsoons, Sunsnow and Sunshowers

The EcoDisc 52X Mini Weather Controller is wind, fire, earth & water resistant, and provides full elemental manipulation without upgrades.

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