Sunrise Integration Guide

Adding Support for VFX

When an alarm rings it plays a VFX from the top of the clock. To add support in your object follow these steps:

1. Add a slot to your object named _FX_alarm and position it slightly above the top edge.

2. Open the Rig resource and click Edit Items next to Bones. Select the new _FX_alarm slot you just added. Update the Orientation field to -0.7071068 0 0 0.7071068. This will rotate the slot so the VFX faces up instead of forwards.

Completing Integration

To let Sunrise add the necessary interactions and states to trigger alarms you’ll need to create a tuning snippet and add it to your package.

Edit in the TDESC Builder →

There are two ways you can define your objects. If you have a custom object tuning shared among multiple objects/swatches you can set it in object_tuning. Otherwise if you’re using an existing EA tuning, add the ID for each swatch’s definition into the definitions list.

Be sure to rename the snippet and rehash the instance ID.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<I c="SunriseIntegrationManifest" i="snippet" m="lot51_sunrise.snippets.integration" n="CREATOR_NAME:SunriseIntegrationManifest" s="1234">
    <L n="compatible_objects">
            <T n="object_tuning">1234<!--CREATOR_NAME:Your_Object--></T>
            <L n="disabled_states">
            <L n="loot_on_alarm">
            <L n="definitions">