Plumbob Elements

Say hello to your companion for The Sims 4

Plumbob Elements is created by Lot 51 and other fellow content creators. We are not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts.
The Sims™, The Sims 4™ and the Plumbob logo are property of Electronic Arts and its licensors.

Connect with your Sims and fellow Simmers in TS4 like never before. Plumbob Elements is a companion app for Mac/PC that integrates deeply with your game to give you live realtime widgets, and new ways to play.

Currently In Development

Home Screen Example (In Development)

Track Your Legacy

The Scrapbook app gives a new perspective on storytelling. The screenshots and videos you take in-game are automatically tagged with rich information so you can spend less time organizing, and more time telling your story.

Engage Your Fans

Plumbob Elements was built with Streamers in mind. Twitch viewers can now directly engage with your Sims like never before. Enable the chatbot or channel points for realtime chaos, and use overlays in OBS to display live widgets for your viewers.

Special Delivery

Gigazon is the #1 online store for Build/Buy objects in Llama Nation. Create collections of your favorite items, and place orders delivered to your home by our certified carriers! Your Sims can upgrade to a Primo membership to get discounts and rapid delivery by our fleet of drones.

A Smarter Home

The Home app will enable full control of your home in one place. Change the light color, radio station, or TV channel — even check the status on your laundry!

Plugin Toolkit for Creators

A toolkit will provide a quickstart environment to build Javascript plugins that interface with Plumbob Elements. All data is transferred between the game over a TCP socket to provide realtime event based communication, allowing you to create new interfaces and new ways to interact with your mod!

A core principle of Plumbob Elements is to not conflict with existing mods and UI overrides, giving you the power to bring your mods that already exist to the outside world.

Watch the Gigazon Delivery Commercial

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