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Simzlink is the best network in Llama Nation! This mod brings Internet, TV, and Music subscriptions to The Sims 4 – locking down interactions based on service status, and so much more! Like the modern world, dealing with Simzlink is a work out – you have to deal with WiFi ranges, your service will go out every now and then, you’ll be billed separately with harsh late fees, and dealing with Customer Service might make your pull your hair out.

If you are a creator, there are many ways you can integrate your creation into Simzlink, for example, creating custom Router objects, or locking down interactions to require specific services.

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🇨🇳 Chinese (Traditional) by TangY
🇵🇱 Polish by Robi321
🇲🇽 Spanish by Simlish4 Team

Ravasheen, Frankk, ItsKatato, thepancake1, Carl

I want to give special thanks to Ravasheen. Without her I would not have been able to create objects AT ALL. She is such a wonderful person, and a friend. THANK YOU.

I also want to give special thanks to Frankk. Without him this mod honestly would not have come to fruition, he is a scripting wizard and so helpful. THANK YOU.

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(Festival Exception Hot Fix // Released January 9)

Release NotesInstall Instructions


All interactions on computers and tablets will be locked down until you’ve subscribed and setup an Internet Router.

Like the real world, computers and tablets will need to be within range of an online Router. WiFi can only broadcast on the same floor, so you will need multiple Routers installed if you have computers on multiple floors.

TV’s and Stereos require separate TV and Music subscriptions, which can be added onto your Internet service. They do not have to be within proximity of a Router. As long as there is one Router on the lot turned on, you will be able to stream your favorite tv shows, and music.

If you’re not raking in cash but smooth with words, Flirt for TV Service and you might be able to schmooze the “Cable Guy” enough and have them hook you up with free TV service (courtesy of your neighbor).

The first time you load an actively played household with the Simzlink mod enabled you’ll have an advertisement delivered in your mailbox. Included is a 50% off coupon on your first bill as a thanks for choosing Simzlink! You can purchase a Router in build/buy mode for §249, or call Customer Service to have a Technician dispatched at a time convenient for you to install one for you for free.

Sims with Level 3 Programming skill will be able to perform Self-Installations without needing a Technician dispatched.

If you’d like to completely opt a lot out of Simzlink gameplay on a lot you can add the Free Public WiFi Lot Challenge.

If you live in University Housing or staying in a Rental without access to Build/Buy, you can Order Simzlink Install Kit from the Mailbox to get connected. These two venues will always be set in Commercial Mode, so just turn your router on and you’ll automatically be connected without an Installation.

Once your service is installed, you’ll need to Get Password from the Router. Only Sims with the WiFi password can use Internet service while on your lot. If you have the password you can give it to other Sims. If you need to revoke access from someone, you’ll have to reset the password which means everyone you gave it to will also lose access again.

Once someone has the password, you can use Parental Controls to give them a time out. A text input will allow you to set a custom number of hours to lock that sim out from Internet interactions, and can be removed from the same pie menu.

Every now and then your service will go out. If you have any friends that are Technicians, you can ask them to fix it, but most of the time you’ll need to call Customer Service and select Technical Support. They will try to fix your service over the phone, but if they can’t they’ll need to dispatch a Technician to come to your home.

If you are experiencing a service outage you can try to Tinker with the Router through the computer interaction which may or may not fix your service depending on your Sim’s programming level. If they’re not great at it, they may even make the situation worse! You can always Tinker even while your internet is online and you may improve your service quality enough to prevent outages in the future.

Your Sims will receive a bill every 7 days in their mailbox. You can view your
current Bill Statement by clicking on a Router.

Late fees are applied each day you are late. You have 3 days to pay your bills before they become delinquent and your service is shut off. If you received any discounts through the mail, they will be invalidated, so be sure to pay on time!

Lots with the Fast Internet Lot Trait will be charged 125% the normal fees.

You can pay your bills with your SNB Bank account, but a §15 processing fee will be added to your total.

Not only can you be a Simzlink Customer, but you can join the Technician Active Career! You’ll receive daily work orders, sending you to various residential and commercial venues to install Internet service and perform repairs.

You’ll receive a Tech Tabletin your inventory once you join that has a Handbook with everything you need to know.

Sims are paid on a weekly basis, depending on the number of Work Orders completed. The current rate is §88 per work order.

Venues like libraries and bars do not support Passwords or Billing, they will automatically be set to Commercial Mode. A Router is still required, and will experience Service Disruptions, however Installation is not required.

Commercial Mode offers Free Public WiFi courtesy of Simzlink by disabling billing and passwords, but is only available on non-residential lots or owned businesses. You can toggle this mode for Owned Businesses within the Settings of the Router.

Owned businesses will be charged 175% the normal fees, and will be deducted from business funds.

If you want to completely opt out of the mod at a lot, add the Free Public WiFi Lot Challenge. This will also exclude the lot from the Active Career.


Simzlink does not offer service in the following areas, which means you will be unable to access the Internet while visiting. Satellite service and phone tethering may be offered in the future:

  • Sixam, Batuu, Selvadorada, Granite Falls, Mt. Komorebi, Sylvan Glade, Oasis Springs Cave

Simzlink will provide Free Public WiFi delivered through long range access points to the following areas, which means you will always be able to access Internet regardless of subscriptions or if a router is on the lot:

  • Myshuno Meadows, Hospital, Police Station, Science Lab, Acting Studio, Magic HQ

Simzlink is created with a complex set of statistics and tests without affecting the existing EA utility system in any way; This means there shouldn’t be many conflicts, if any, resulting in errors or overrides except in the case like SNB where both services are required for the tests to pass.

SNB Bills has been lightly tested and is somewhat compatible. You will currently have to subscribe to Internet and TV in both mods to access those services.

You can pay your bills with your SNB Bank account, but a §15 processing fee will be added to your total.

If you are a creator, there are many ways you can integrate your creation into Simzlink, for example, creating custom Router objects, or locking down interactions to require specific services.
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  • Subscribe:
    simzlink.set_subscription 1
  • Unsubscribe:
    simzlink.set_subscription 0
  • Add TV Service:
    simzlink.set_addon_subscription 1 1
  • Remove TV Service:
    simzlink.set_addon_subscription 1 0
  • Add Music Service:
    simzlink.set_addon_subscription 2 1
  • Remove Music Service:
    simzlink.set_addon_subscription 2 0
  • Cause Service Disruption:
    simzlink.set_service_quality 0
  • Repair Service Disruption:
    simzlink.set_service_quality 100
  • Redeem Coupon:
    simzlink.set_discount 1
  • Cancel Coupon:
    simzlink.set_discount 0
  • Deliver Bills to Mailbox:
  • Deliver Advert to Mailbox:
  • Greet yourself at a lot (like when you knock on the door of a neighbor’s house and you can see inside, useful if you get stuck)
How to Install

Unzip the download and place the included .ts4script and .package within your Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods folder.

If you organize your mods, be sure not to place the files into more than one sub-folder.


v0.2.1 (January 9, 2022)

  • Hotfix: Worked around an issue that was causing Cottage Living festivals to throw an exception in specific game installations.
  • Additional strings translated to Chinese by TangY

v0.2 (January 2, 2022)

  • Added Traditional Chinese translations by TangY!
  • Added Polish translations by Robi321!
  • Fixed an issue where the Router would not provide WiFi to an object when slotted into it, for example the Video Recording station.
  • Simzlink is a proud sponsor of the San Myshuno Festivals. Free Public WiFi will now be available during Festivals. Lots in the surrounding area will also have WiFi access for the duration of the Festival.
  • You can now Order Simzlink Install Kit from the mailbox for free at a Rentable Home or Dorm and will be placed in your Sim’s inventory. Place the Router where you’d like, unbox it, turn it on, and it should immediately connect to the best network in Llama Nation.
  • Rentable Homes and University Housing (Dorms), and all other non-residential Venues will now be in Commercial Mode by default. Perform Commercial Work Orders like you would for a Residential job.
  • Owned businesses are now the only place you can change Modes. You can always use the Lot Challenge to bypass the Router completely.
  • Fixed an issue in the Active Career where Commercial Mode would mark all items in the Work Order to-do list as complete. Not so fast!
  • Venue Wall Speakers should now properly have the “Setup Music Service” interactions which may have prevented players from completing work orders at certain locations.
  • Fixed an issue where the Out of Service Area notification wasn’t displayed when calling Customer Service in areas like Selvadorada and Granite Falls.

v0.1.1 (December 23, 2021)

  • Now Available for Everyone!
  • Removed the donate object to charity Fame Quirk interaction from internet requirements.

v0.1.0 (December 21, 2021)

You can now perform installations and service calls at Commercial Venues in the Technician Active Career. A dialog will give you the choice between Residential or Commercial when requesting a Work Order. Businesses owned by active households are currently still excluded. However you can still call the NPC for installation when playing on that lot.

Sims can now pay with their SNB Bank Account! A new Pay with SNB button will show up in your Bill Statement if SNB Bank is installed. Note: This is an unofficial integration so you should contact Lot 51 for issues with this specific feature instead of SimRealist. Issues regarding the SNB mod in general should still be deferred to SimRealist.

A §15 processing fee will be added to your bill if using the Pay with SNB payment method.

Lots can completely opt out of the Simzlink mod gameplay by adding the “Free Public WiFi” Lot Challenge. (Note: this is different than Commercial Mode. Commercial Mode still requires a Router on the lot, and will experience service disruptions, just disables passwords and billing since there isn’t a lot owner)

More Changes:

  • Sims should no longer put their Tech Tablet on the ground.
  • Added the BuyCatEE_MiscElectronics tag to the list of WiFi enabled objects which should now include the Streaming Drones.
  • You can now easily check your Bill Statement when contacting Simzlink Customer Service from your phone or computer.
  • An element of “Story Progression” has been added; Anytime you travel to a lot that is owned by an NPC, Simzlink will check if bills are due and charge the owning household. If the household cannot afford their bill then normal delinquency effects will occur. This should prevent all your neighbors from becoming perpetually delinquent. Eventually these NPCs may run out of money as well, but seems like the lesser of two evils.
  • If you don’t want to travel to a specific residence or venue, you can now request a new work order while at home.
  • Customer Service call durations have been reduced to make the dialogs appear faster.
  • Additional requirements have been added to the “Disconnected from the World” effects. Sims will only feel the effects if they have the Webmaster, High Maintenance, or Geek Trait; in the Bored mood; or near Social failure.
  • Fixed carry animations for Install/Repair Kits

v0.0.5 (December 17, 2021)

  • Added Spanish translations by the Simlish4 team.
  • Sims in the Technician career will properly receive their paycheck after 7 days. You will no longer see the default “End of Shift” dialog and will see a new paycheck dialog on Pay Day.
  • Toddlers can be given the password by an older Sim.
  • Sims will no longer autonomously turn off the Router.
  • Temporarily disabled Internet requirements when uploading music tracks/videos from the inventory.

v0.0.4 (December 12, 2021)

  • Fixed an issue with apartments that would cause you to travel and become a visitor of your own lot when your installation appointment began.
  • Fixed an issue with the Complete 3 Work Orders goal being fulfilled by a single work order.
  • Fixed an issue where Technicians could not quit their job.
  • Fixed the chance of an advertisement including a coupon. There’s a 5% chance of an advert being delivered each day with a 50% chance of a coupon.
  • Added interactions for the DJ Booth, Music Mix Station, Video Production Station, and Streaming Drone to the “requires internet” list.
    • Tracks can still be created on the mix station and played at a dj booth while offline, however you will not be able to post updates, live stream, or upload tracks/videos.
  • Preparation for non-residential gigs during the active career in a future update.

v0.0.3 (December 11, 2021)

  • Fixed an issue causing an exception when viewing Bill Statement

v0.0.2 (December 9, 2021)

  • Copied strings to all languages to fix blank text.

v0.0.1 (December 9, 2021)

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