Been burned too many times by townie fashion? Take control of the threads around your hoods by instituting uniforms! Assign outfits based on Body Frame (Adult/Child), and Fashion Preference (Masculine/Feminine) then restrict by Situation Jobs or Careers, and limit to specific Regions.

Once a Sim has a uniform assigned, anytime they spawn to be assigned to a job (bartender, walkby, student, etc) or a career during work hours, they’ll automatically have their outfit overwritten by your uniform!

Get Fashion Authority

Base Game Compatible
Released Aug 12
Works with 1.90.358
(Jul 26 Patch)
Getting Started

Go to High School, or find any Sim (child or older) out in the world and look for the Fashion Authority category. Then select Create Thread.

Body Frame and Fashion Preference will be pre-selected based on the Sim you targeted. However this lets you assign a Thread with the same restrictions on a different frame or preference.

Select Generic, Situation Job, or a Career restriction for the uniform. Situation Job will show any of the jobs the Sim is currently assigned to. Careers will show any careers the Sim has joined. Generic uniforms will not have a job/career restriction and are not automatically assigned on spawn.

Once you’ve set your restrictions, a Thread will be created that you can then Modify in CAS at any time. I recommend you first Rename so you don’t lose track of your new Thread after leaving CAS.

Watch a tutorial by SimWithShan →

High School Years

If you are creating High School Student uniforms, I recommend creating a Career restricted Thread as most students have their own Situation Job and would require almost 8 unique Threads for each Body Frame.

  • Because Situation Job Threads take precedence over Career Threads, you can assign a uniform to Cheerleading/Chess Team/Computer Team Situation Jobs to have their own unique look during the school day.

If you are creating High School Principal/Teacher/Custodian uniforms, I recommend creating Situation Job restricted Threads, as they do not have a related career for those Sims.

Please Note
  • This mod has limited functionality for launch and will evolve over time. Join the discord to help shape development!
  • Threads are saved and are available through an entire save file. They will automatically save when you save your game into a folder named lot51_fashion_authority_data. Be sure to keep this folder between updates.
  • You can create multiple Threads with the same restrictions, and a random Thread will be selected from all available matches. You may also add multiple outfit slots within CAS which will be randomly chosen from once a Thread is selected.
Outfit Merging Rules

Starting in v1.1, by default Full Body, Upper Body, Lower Body clothes and Shoes will be enforced. This means a Sim’s everyday accessories will now merge into the uniform like Hats, Earrings, Socks, etc.

There is a new Outfit Merging Rules option when editing a Thread to customize this functionality. Select all the options you would like to enforce or keep empty. Otherwise unselect to allow merging.

Generic Threads

Generic uniforms will not be automatically assigned to spawning Sims, however their outfits are available at any time to manually change into through the Change into Threads interaction.

Situation Job Threads

Apply a uniform specifically to Teachers, the Principal, Baristas, etc by using a Situation Job restriction type. Situation Job uniforms take precedence over Career uniforms if they occur at the same time during work hours.

Career Threads

Use a Career Thread to apply a uniform during work hours. This is useful for Students at school to all be in the same outfit regardless of their individual job. However, you can still apply individual job uniforms which take precedence.

Region Restrictions

Region Restrictions allow you to assign uniforms to Sims in specific worlds. A uniform can be assigned to as many regions as you’d like. Deselect all to ignore the Sim’s current world.

Seasonal Restrictions

When Sims autonomously request a hot or cold weather outfit, they will now choose a new uniform with Seasonal Restrictions. Add the Hot, Cold, or Wet Weather restriction to apply during extreme temperatures, or during rain or snow.

Please note they are additive, so restricting to hot AND cold will prevent the uniform from being chosen.

(Requires Seasons or Snowy Escape)

Day of Week Restrictions (New in v1.2)

Create Spirit Days, Jean Days, or wear pink on Wednesdays by added restrictions for any day of the week. Multiple days can be selected, deselect all to ignore the date.

Trait Restrictions (New in v1.2)

Finally live your Plastics fantasy, or Twilight Rivalry. Create uniforms for specific groups of Sims by restricting to any Trait in the game (Occults, Rewards, Preferences, Hidden, etc). They are currently additive so adding multiple Trait restrictions will require the Sim to have all the traits to pass. Deselect all to ignore.

Cheats (New in v1.2)


Force all uniform changes to be saved.


Force Sims that were assigned a uniform in the current zone and has changed to a different outfit to change back into their uniform.


Refresh all Sims uniforms in the current zone. This will apply new restrictions and cloned uniforms without needing to travel or go into CAS.


All Situation Jobs and Careers created by modders will appear in the restriction menus!

There are currently no known conflicts with existing outfit mods like MCCC or Bienchen’s Situation Outfits Begone.

Release Notes

v1.2 (August 12, 2022)


  • Fixed an issue preventing uniforms from applying if a region restriction was set.
  • Fixed a potential issue with sims not wearing their situation job uniforms.


  • Added Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) translations by StarAura.
  • Added Polish translations by Robbybaseplate
  • Updated Portugese translations by Cs
  • Added Russian translations by B3
  • Added Spanish translations by AnRuCis


  • Sims will now automatically change into their uniform when sent to work or school alone.
  • Wear pink on Wednesdays with the new Day of Week restrictions.
  • Create your fav occult rivalry or clique fantasy with the new Trait restrictions.

v1.1.5 (August 10, 2022)

  • Fixed an issue preventing Thread dialogs from loading after applying region restrictions.

v1.1.4 (August 9, 2022)

  • Fixed an issue with cloned Threads ignoring the newly selected job/career restrictions.

v1.1.3 (August 8, 2022)

  • Adjusted interaction tests to allow Mermaids.

v1.1.2 (August 7, 2022)


  • Improved loading and saving to prevent uniform corruption.
  • Fixed an issue causing outfits to show a llama icon in pickers.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Situation Job uniforms from applying automatically.
  • Fixed an issue preventing additional outfit slots from being added to the uniform pool.


  • Added Portuguese translations by Cs
  • Accessories from a Sim’s everyday outfit will now merge into their uniforms by default to allow personal expression! You can customize the Outfit Merging Rules when editing the uniform. Select the parts you want to enforce or stay empty.
  • Threads can now be duplicated onto any other Sim! Use Manage All Threads to apply to a new job or career on another sim.
  • You can now add seasonal restrictions to your Threads. Currently you can restrict to hot, cold, or wet weather (rain/snow). Please note they are additive, so restricting to hot AND cold will prevent the uniform from being chosen.
  • If Sims are autonomously requesting a weather outfit, a new uniform will be selected if one matches your seasonal restrictions.
  • Sims will be able to autonomously change into bathing, swim and athletic wear, but all other outfit spins will enforce the active uniform.
  • Sims will now change back into their active uniform when switching situation jobs (or class periods in HSY) to prevent them from staying in athletic or swimwear the rest of the day.
  • If a Sim has changed out of their uniform, a new interaction will appear to “Change into Active Uniform” to quickly get back into form.

v1.0.2 (August 2, 2022)

  • Fixed an issue prevent auto outfit changes from the previous update.

v1.0.1 (August 1, 2022)

  • Career Threads will be applied to Sims during work hours even if they’re not participating in the career event (i.e. skipping school, and then traveling to the school via the map). This will allow you to play out scenarios without needing to manually change into outfits, which leads to the next update:
  • There is a new Settings category within Fashion Authority that lets you toggle the Auto Outfit Changes. When disabled, Sims will not automatically change into a Thread when spawning/traveling.

v1.0.0 (July 31, 2022)

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