TDESC Browser + Builder Changelog

 Oct 5, 2022

⚡ Added setting to customize XML indent size and style (tabs or spaces). The default is 4 spaces.

 Sep 27, 2022

⚡ Fixed an issue preventing SimDatas from exporting with an icon/audio resource field that was empty.

 Aug 30, 2022

⚡ Added support for importing EA tuning with the original group hash, this should allow tuning overrides to work properly!

 Aug 28, 2022

⚡ Fixed an issue preventing enums from converting to their proper values for SimDatas (like the HolidayTradition tradition_type).

 Aug 11, 2022

⚡ Added the TDESC Version dropdown back from the old browser. Changing the version will not change the currently viewed page. The next page load will use the new version selected.

 May 13, 2022

⚡ Improved support for hashing and exporting module tuning.

⚡ A shortcut toolbar has been added to the right panel in Build mode for quick access to copying and downloading. You can toggle this toolbar in the View menu.

⚡ You can now resize the Inspector in the right panel in Build mode!

 May 2, 2022

⚡ Tags like Variants, Lists, and Tuples will now self-close if empty. You can toggle this preference under Edit > Settings.

⚡ Fixed issue preventing SimDatas from exporting when an OptionalTunable was not enabled.

⚡ The Commodity Calculator will now persist its state when closing and reopening.

 April 14, 2022

⚡ Fixed incorrect SimData schemas generated from OptionalTunables, mainly affecting the Objective tuning.

 April 11, 2022

⚡ You can now load directly into an EA tuning file by going to the following URL with a tuning ID:

⚡ Fixed issue preventing Static Commodities from exporting.

 March 17, 2022

⚡ Updated tuning, strings, and enums for 1.85.203

⚡ Added support for TunableOperator in the builder (LESS_OR_EQUAL, EQUAL, etc.)

⚡ Added SimData schema hash for the new StoryProgressionRuleDisplayInfo tuning.

 March 9, 2022

⚡ You now can search for Tags again! Find the “Tag Search” in the Tools menu.

⚡ But wait there’s more! You can also search for ANY enum in the game. Also found in the Tools menu.

March 9, 2022

⚡ Fixed an issue where tests were not loading when importing tuning.

⚡ Added a toggle in Settings for the default tab when searching (EA or Workspace tab).

Feb 23, 2022

⚡ Fixed an issue where settings where not changing or saving.

⚡ Moved toggles like “Show Parent Props” from settings into the “View” menu.

Feb 23, 2022

⚡ You can now open multiple tabs WITHIN the browser! Go to File Menu > Open another… and it’ll pop open a new tab. Navigating in the sidebar will occur within your current tab. Middle-click a tab to quickly close it.

⚡ Favorites have been added back in, and are categorized by tuning type now instead of one long list.

⚡ Hash generator and Commodity Calculator and now available again in the Tools menu.

⚡ You can now paste in commented values into a field like: 157124<!--loot_Toddler_RemovedLeftBehind--> and it will automatically parse out the value/comments and put them in the right nodes.

⚡ You can now search variant types.

⚡ To add/remove comments from a tunable, click the 3 dots icon ••• and then click “Edit”.

⚡ You can now toggle the hashing high bit on and off within settings.

⚡ A new “Click Behavior” has been added in the settings to open the new Edit modal.

⚡ Instance IDs will now be hashed automatically as you update the instance name.

⚡ Tunables will now stay expanded as you toggle between Builder/TDESC mode.

⚡ Clicking on a tunable within the XML preview area, will expand and scroll to that node in the builder area.

⚡ Last but not least. s4tk ( by frankk) has been implemented to read package files. Drag and drop a package file into the window and all tuning/strings will be loaded into a Workspace tab. You will then be able to reference these items within your other tuning by clicking the 🔗 icon. Warning: Changes are not saved when editing then toggling between tuning, this is currently just a simple reference feature.

Feb 2022 (2.0)

⚡ Rebuilt from the ground up! Fixing issues with parent classes merging improperly and showing incorrect information.

⚡ Introducing the Tuning Builder! Any TDESC can now be turned into a usable tuning file directly with dropdowns for easy value selection!

⚡ You can load any existing Tuning file into the builder and edit the values using data from the associated TDESC. If a TDESC cannot be found, or you’re using a custom class, you can still edit values but will not receive hints from the documentation.