TDESC Browser + Builder Changelog

 May 13, 2022

⚡ Improved support for hashing and exporting module tuning.

⚡ A shortcut toolbar has been added to the right panel in Build mode for quick access to copying and downloading. You can toggle this toolbar in the View menu.

⚡ You can now resize the Inspector in the right panel in Build mode!

 May 2, 2022

⚡ Tags like Variants, Lists, and Tuples will now self-close if empty. You can toggle this preference under Edit > Settings.

⚡ Fixed issue preventing SimDatas from exporting when an OptionalTunable was not enabled.

⚡ The Commodity Calculator will now persist its state when closing and reopening.

 April 14, 2022

⚡ Fixed incorrect SimData schemas generated from OptionalTunables, mainly affecting the Objective tuning.

 April 11, 2022

⚡ You can now load directly into an EA tuning file by going to the following URL with a tuning ID:

⚡ Fixed issue preventing Static Commodities from exporting.

 March 17, 2022

⚡ Updated tuning, strings, and enums for 1.85.203

⚡ Added support for TunableOperator in the builder (LESS_OR_EQUAL, EQUAL, etc.)

⚡ Added SimData schema hash for the new StoryProgressionRuleDisplayInfo tuning.

 March 9, 2022

⚡ You now can search for Tags again! Find the “Tag Search” in the Tools menu.

⚡ But wait there’s more! You can also search for ANY enum in the game. Also found in the Tools menu.

March 9, 2022

⚡ Fixed an issue where tests were not loading when importing tuning.

⚡ Added a toggle in Settings for the default tab when searching (EA or Workspace tab).

Feb 23, 2022

⚡ Fixed an issue where settings where not changing or saving.

⚡ Moved toggles like “Show Parent Props” from settings into the “View” menu.

Feb 23, 2022

⚡ You can now open multiple tabs WITHIN the browser! Go to File Menu > Open another… and it’ll pop open a new tab. Navigating in the sidebar will occur within your current tab. Middle-click a tab to quickly close it.

⚡ Favorites have been added back in, and are categorized by tuning type now instead of one long list.

⚡ Hash generator and Commodity Calculator and now available again in the Tools menu.

⚡ You can now paste in commented values into a field like: 157124<!--loot_Toddler_RemovedLeftBehind--> and it will automatically parse out the value/comments and put them in the right nodes.

⚡ You can now search variant types.

⚡ To add/remove comments from a tunable, click the 3 dots icon ••• and then click “Edit”.

⚡ You can now toggle the hashing high bit on and off within settings.

⚡ A new “Click Behavior” has been added in the settings to open the new Edit modal.

⚡ Instance IDs will now be hashed automatically as you update the instance name.

⚡ Tunables will now stay expanded as you toggle between Builder/TDESC mode.

⚡ Clicking on a tunable within the XML preview area, will expand and scroll to that node in the builder area.

⚡ Last but not least. s4tk ( by frankk) has been implemented to read package files. Drag and drop a package file into the window and all tuning/strings will be loaded into a Workspace tab. You will then be able to reference these items within your other tuning by clicking the 🔗 icon. Warning: Changes are not saved when editing then toggling between tuning, this is currently just a simple reference feature.

Feb 2022 (2.0)

⚡ Rebuilt from the ground up! Fixing issues with parent classes merging improperly and showing incorrect information.

⚡ Introducing the Tuning Builder! Any TDESC can now be turned into a usable tuning file directly with dropdowns for easy value selection!

⚡ You can load any existing Tuning file into the builder and edit the values using data from the associated TDESC. If a TDESC cannot be found, or you’re using a custom class, you can still edit values but will not receive hints from the documentation.